Modalities & Expertises

Mireille St. Laurent, LCSW specializes in the presenting issues listed below (in alphabetic order) and utilizes the following treatment modalities through online therapy services:

Solution-Focused Approach

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Strength-based Perspective

Narrative Therapy



Anxiety is experienced by many individuals, but at different levels. While a healthy level of anxiety can be perceived as “positive anxiety” such as performance anxiety, higher degrees of anxiety can interfere with social, family and professional/student life. Whether you are struggling with panic attacks, social anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or a lower form of anxiety, we are here to help and guide you.

Assertiveness Coaching

Standing-up for oneself and becoming a skilled communicator allows to move away from shyness and fear towards others with more confidence and freedom.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

ASDs/Special/unique ways of being are one of our areas of expertise and clinical interests. Challenges experienced by the ASD clientèle  and family members include: communication, sensory & motor treatment, social interactions, treatment of information, sleep, food, motivation, focus of interests, emotion management and anxiety. We are also skilled in providing guidance and helpful techniques to parents of children/teens or adults on the spectrum.


Depression can be the result of accumulated stress and trauma, or a life-long experience. Symptoms of irritability and impulsivity are often experienced in children/adolescents, while adults tend to feel hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed and fatigued. Regardless of your situation, we are here to help assess and treat symptoms of depression so that you can move forward in being an active participant in your life.

Family Counseling/Couples Counseling

Familial structures and dynamics can be complicated. At times, some family members move-in or move-out and as a result, the family could use some help in the are of restructurability as to ensure each member can pursue a healthy development. At Seashell Counseling, we use multiple approaches, including Structural and Transgenerational family counseling to help our clients preserve or regain a healthy and flourishing family life. Couples counseling is also helpful in an effort to address issues and resolve conflicts.


Seashell Counseling is a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals. We recognize individual, familial, societal and cultural challenges experienced by clients of all paths of life.

Life Coaching /Life Counseling/Emotional Counseling

Life Coaching and Life Counseling and Emotional Counseling are three aspects  paramount to address in order to achieve success and happiness in life. Seashell Counseling works with a dynamic Solution-Focused approach and dedicated adults who struggle with a variety of challenges including: life goal discovery and setting, relationship issues, self-esteem/self-confidence, lifestyle adjustment and lifestyle design, and career adjustment.

Parenting Coaching/Family Counseling

Being a parent can be the most challenging and rewarding enterprise. We offer guidance and education to parents based on what we know in our clinical experience to be healthy and effective parenting techniques, keeping in mind that there isn’t a perfect way to parent. Help guiding you through the inevitable bumps to a healthier relationship with your child is our primary goal.


Relationships can be complicated and energy/time consuming. Often times, we find ourselves needing to gain self-awareness and  communication skills in order to engage or pursue a relationship with a partner, a family member, a colleague or a friend. We are here to help you build your set of skills, or if you are going through a separation or are in the middle of/or contemplating a separation from your partner, we are here to help you and/or your family plan and prepare for these upcoming changes so that you can sustain a sense of peace through this difficult transition.


Self-esteem is one’s opinion of his/her abilities and limitations. It begins in early childhood and can be influenced by thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, experiences in school or at work, illness, disability, media, religion,culture and role/status. If you are struggling with self-confidence, self-image and self-worth, we can help you begin your journey towards self-acceptance.