See below what current and past clients have to say about Mireille as a therapist & coach

“I’ve been doing the monthly package for relationship issues and it really works. She is responsive on messaging and always on point during video sessions. My relationship is getting so much better, and i feel i’m almost done with counseling, its only been 3 months. I will recommend her to anyone I know needs help with anxiety, relationships and communication.”

-D. A. January 2020

“Mireille is very professional and friendly at the same time. She helped me so much with my relationship and my family that I recommended her to friends and co-workers. They were happy with my referral. I struggled with anxiety and did the unlimited messaging counseling for a while, I loved that I was able to text her 24/7, instead of having to wait for our next appointment. She would always have a warm and helpful answer that I was able to read or listen to again when I needed to. It’s like journaling, but knowing you will receive insightful feedback and also coping skills to use for the present or the next day. And I know I can reach out again anytime in the future..She made me feel so welcomed, like family should make you feel.”

-D. F. September 26th 2019

“I worked with Mireille for about a year . She taught me how to forgive people , and most importantly how to give myself a break , love myself and be there for other people in my life . It can be done , thank you”

-A. L. March  2019

“Mireille is a very grounded individual. She helps her patients to understand their emotions and why they may be feeling them in a very neutral way which makes the patient feel very in control of the situation even as they are opening themselves up in a way that makes them vulnerable. I have been going to sessions with Mireille for years and I have always left her sessions feeling better and lighter than I felt when I first arrived. She has truly helped me to feel in control of my personal life.”

-P. R. March 2019

“Ms. St.Laurent is an excellent family therapist. She treats each family member with respect focusing on their individual needs and the family. Our family is much better for having had her guidance.”

-E. H. May 2019

“I was hesitant at first because she didn’t take my insurance so I had to pay out of pocket, but it turned out to be a life-changing investment for myself. She is so invested in’s nothing like other therapists I met before, it’s like you always leave her sessions feeling so much better, & I only needed to see her for a few months. It was transforming!

A.A February 2019

“I have no word to describe how helpful and compassionate Mirelle was with our  family. She is a pro in the areas of autism/asperger, anxiety and we were so blessed to have found her. If you struggle yourself or have a family member who does with autism, you found a gem! You will be so happy you found her! Dr. StLaurent. we will never be able to thank you enough, bless your heart.”

-J.T April 2019

“Mirelle is an excellent therapist! She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She has great insight and takes time to answer questions. Would definitely recommend her to anyone!”

-S. D. April 2019

“Mireille is professional, compassionate and knowledgeable. She helped my family tremendously during a time of turmoil.”

-C. F. January 2019

“Mireille helped my teenage daughter tremendously. I love that she focuses on coping and problem solving skills, and not encouraging people to rely on long term therapy when it might not be necessary.”

-M. S. June 2019

“So worth it, she does solution focused, she listens but does so much more..she keeps you on track with your goals and objectives, she is direct but not pushy, she is respectful and professional, and you will also laugh a lot.”

A.J. January 2019